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Padra - Best Hair Transplant Clinic

Since the start of Dubai Branch Padra Strengthened their roots as a hair specialist clinic around the Middle east area offering a reliable, Trustworthy, Proven result hair solution provider. Padra Medical center offer solutions for hair fall or baldness such as Hair transplant for men and women, Beard transplant, Eyebrow transplant,  hair loss treatment, and Laser therapy for hair loss.

Why Padra:

Padra Medical Center
As part of ‘’Fakhraei Medical Croup’’ Padra Medical center started from Kuwait City Providing the best Professional hair treatment and adopting latest Hair Loss treatment methods. Following the success of Kuwait Branch Hair specialists at Fakhraei Medical Group Decided to expand their Reach and offer their services in the heart of Dubai, UAE.


Unlock the potential of your facial beauty with the transformative power of eyebrow transplant. At Padra Medical Center, we understand the significance of well-defined eyebrows in enhancing your overall appearance.
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